Here are some of our customers’ experiences…

Cathy with hair.png

Cathy’s story

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2015. I did my research and realized I would take chemo and therefore lose my long hair that I loved. I found Jennifer at Wigs R You online, as I recall, and I am so glad I did. I feel in all my haze of post-diagnosis, I was directed by grace to the best place I could go to get my wigs prior to chemo. Jennifer understood how attached I was to my hair and how scared I was about what lay ahead. I had no family and felt pretty alone. Jennifer treated me with kindness and patience, and also with calmness. You see, Jennifer, herself, had experienced breast cancer and was living proof that there was life after breast cancer. She had walked in my shaking shoes. When I decided to have my head shaved to avoid the drama of my hair falling out in the sink, Jennifer offered, free of charge, to shave my head. On the day I went in to be shaved, I gathered a few dear friends and we had a “good” time. Of course, I was not happy, but I drew from my inner strength and forged ahead. My friends brought food as if it was a party, and we just did it. As I look back, I don’t know how I ever made it through that day. I guess I just refused to let it get me down; and Jennifer and my friends helped enormously. That day, after watching my beloved hair fall to the ground, we selected a wig or two. I went back for a few others later. Wigs R You was not just a wig shop to me. It was a place to be myself, to show my fear and uncertainty, to feel hope, to admit that I was vain about my hair and feel ok about those feelings, to know I could hold my head up even though I was going to be bald for awhile, and to keep my dignity and certainly, my vanity, intact. Today, my hair is long and thick, maybe even thicker than it was.  It indeed does grow back!


Sue’s story

I would like to thank Jennifer and all of the ladies at Wigs R You. It was an uplifting experience during a very scary time in my life. Faced with chemotherapy, I felt very angry, and the thought of losing my hair made me even angrier. Jennifer was so helpful, with not only wig selection, but also with tips to cope during chemo. I left the salon with a definite change of attitude. Bring it on... I can do this... and I had many hair options! I picked two wigs, a baseball cap with built-in hair for casual days and another hair piece to wear with hats or scarves. Also, the service that they offered to shave my head when I was ready was a blessing. It was private and respectful. I highly recommend Wigs R You for your hair needs! 



Sandy’s story

In the beginning of January 2017, right before starting chemo for breast cancer, I went to Wigs R You with two of my aunts. I had been in one other wig shop and it was not a nice experience. When I walked into Wigs R You, I was greeted by two nice ladies; one was Jennifer and the other one was Ann. Jennifer helped me try on several wigs. I found a wig that looked a lot like my own hair. I was very surprised. The shop even had it highlighted for me. Jennifer told me if and when I was ready, she would shave my head for me.

I remember calling the shop the morning I realized my hair was falling out. I headed over with my aunt. I was treated so nice. Jennifer placed the wig on my head and I was very surprised at how natural it looked. My photos are on the left. The first picture is just before I had my head shaved. Second is right after shaving. The last picture is my cute wig. I am so grateful for Wigs R You.


Courtney’s story

The knowledgeable staff members at Wigs R You were amazing!  They made this whole experience so welcoming. I never felt rushed or overwhelmed. I ordered my wig before my hair fell out so that they could match my hair color and style, which I highly recommend.  I was told that my wig would come in a week. I received a call a few days later and was told that my wig was delayed, which wasn’t a big deal for me. But they told me that they had some wigs that I could borrow if I had an event come up before my wig came in. Then and there I realized this place was special. This is more than just a wig shop; they truly understand what you are going through and provide customer service that is above and beyond.